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Every week we will analyse the past search traffic to your page and generate a SEO report for you. This report contains important SEO metrics and specific suggestions on what you can do to get more organic search traffic. You don't need to learn how to use some complicated software - just open the email we send you and start working.

How Does It Look?

Glad you asked! Below you can find a sample report. Of course your report will be customized to your page and search traffic.

Last week on Google…

Average Position

Your site was visible 48,178 times in the Google search results. 9,624 people choose to click through to your page which was on average position of 4.3. This makes for a click through rate of 19.9%.

Top Keywords

These are the keywords most people use to find your page on Google.

Keyword Impr. Clicks Pos. CTR
seo report Clicks -12.2% 18,406 4,265 1.0 23.1%
seo metrics Position -3.4 12,361 1,766 4.0 14.2%
search engine reporting 6,258 658 7.1 10.5%
seo report email 2,543 421 8.3 16.5%
seo analytics inbox Position +1.1 1,756 301 6.0 17.1%

Top Landing Pages

Most visitors who are finding your page on Google land on these landing pages.

Page Clicks Impr.
/Blog/seo-metrics-you-should-track/ 924 11,453
/ Impressions -6.1% 644 7,321
/Blog/why-current-seo-software-is-way-too-complicated Clicks +75.7% 356 7,301
/Blog 189 4709

Get more traffic next week by...

Optimizing Your Website

Update your website to fix these potential issues.

Missing Image Alt: 2 Images on your website are missing the Alt attribute. See Details
Broken Links: 3 Links on your website seem to be broken. See Details
Missing Robots.txt: You should add a robots.txt file. See Details

Creating Content

Create content for below keywords to improve your ranking and get more traffic. You can flag keywords as done or not relevant to remove them from future reports.

Keyword Flag
brief seo analytics Done | Not Relevant
seo time saving Done | Not Relevant
free seo report Done | Not Relevant

Improving Landing Pages

Try to improve the below landing pages for the specified keywords or create new content for these keywords to get more search traffic. You can flag keywords as done or not relevant to remove them from future reports.

Page Keyword Flag
/Blog/why-we-really-like-our-whiteboard SEO on Whiteboard Done | Not Relevant
/Blog/totally-unrelated-to-seo nothing really unrelated to seo Done | Not Relevant
/Signup/Legal/Terms-and-conditions SEO terms and conditions Done | Not Relevant
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